Mark Cuban Fined & Courtney Love Sued For Using Twitter To Vent

Posted Mar 31, 2009

On March 27, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $25,000 by the NBA for writing his opinion on Twitter. He sent out two messages on two messages in particular about the handling of a game by the referees. Cuban was upset that the referees did not call a technical foul on Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith for taunting Antoine Wright of the Dallas Mavericks.
The first message was: “how do they not call a tech on JR Smith for coming off the bench to taunt our player on the ground ?”
The second message was: “scary part of that play: Same crew chief from game in Denver where they missed call – last play of the game & 1st JRSmith/Wright issue.”

After finding out about the fine that did not stop Cuban from tweeting about the situation. He wrote:
“just found out got fined25k by nba. nice,” and then followed it up with a quip, “can’t say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does.”

Courtney Love is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Hole and was married to Kurt Cobain before he committed suicide. Love also has a Twitter account and she used it to complain about conflicts that she has with clothing designer Dawn Simorangkir. Simorangkir is suing Love for defamation.

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