Mark Cuban Invests In BlueCava

Posted Oct 19, 2010

Internet billionaire Mark Cuban is one of several angel investors that have put money in BlueCava. BlueCava is a company whose plans is to develop unique IDs for computers, mobile devices, and many other devices. BlueCava aims to have these unique IDs replace cookies. This way users can be tracked using these IDs. From an Internet user stand-point, consumers would have the opportunity to opt out of certain ways from being tracked. This round of funding was $5 million.

?We represent a brand new way to disclose to consumers how they can receive targeted advertising,? stated BlueCava CEO David Norris. ?Some people view us as the next generation of technology that will extend beyond what cookies can do.? Cuban will be joining the BlueCava board of directors as a result of the funding. Oil conglomerate Tim Headington is also an investor in this round. Norris and BlueCava turned down $15 million from other investors who wanted to participate.

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