Mark Radcliffe Becomes First eBay Millionaire In The U.K.

Posted Mar 16, 2009

Mark Radcliffe started a business 10 years ago from his parents’ house.  His parents’ garden shed was his stock room.  He began to sell items such as phone accessories and protein supplements back then.  Now 30 year old Radcliffe is the first eBay millionaire based in the U.K.  Radcliffe owns a home worth close to $1 million, drives a Lamborghini worth over $200,000 and an Aston Martin worth over $150,000.

Radcliffe ships around 36,000 orders per month.  “I still have to pinch myself – it’s a dream come true,” stated Radcliffe in an interview with Daily Mail.  “All my mates had mobile phones and needed accessories so I thought it would be a good way to make money. Then I started selling computer accessories too and it just escalated.”

Radcliffe’s business First2save employs about 19 people and turns over about $4.22 million per year.  Radcliffe plans to expand his workforce to 34 people and expand to a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse.