Mark Zuckerberg Donated To Cory Booker and Chris Christie

Posted Aug 12, 2013

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the many donors that has put money into the campaigns for both Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker and Republican Governor Chris Christie.  Other donors that put money into their campaigns include LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone, and Marc Andreessen.  Twenty people have given the two politicians a total of $258,000.  Booker received $170,600 from the 20 donors and Christie received $87,400.

Chris Christie is seeking a second term in November and is considering running for president in 2016.  Booker is the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in the state.  Booker has is interested in replacing the late Senator Frank Lautenberg.  Both of them are frontrunners by a wide margin, according to Mashable.

Zuckerberg went on Oprah with Christie and Booker back in 2010 to announce that he was donating $100 million to the school system in Newark.  This past February, Zuckerberg hosted a political fundraiser for Christie.  When Booker announced that he would be running for the Senate, Zuckerberg donated $10,400 to the campaign.  He gave $3,800 to Christie as well.