Mark Zuckerberg Fears Getting Locked Into Doing Things That Are Not Impactful

Posted Oct 22, 2012

Over the weekend, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Y Combinator Startup School event.  He gave engineers and founders advice based on what he learned on growing his company.  Mr. Zuckerberg said that one of his fears is “getting locked into doing things that are not the most impactful things you can do.”

“I think people really undervalue the option value in flexibility. Explore what you want to do before committing,” added Mr. Zuckerberg. “Keep yourself flexible. You can definitely do that in the framework of a company, but you have to be weary of working at a company and getting locked in. You?re going to change what you do.?

Mr. Zuckerberg also said that Facebook did not guess that users wanted to share photos, they learned it because people were uploading new profile pictures every day.  This is why it is important to qualitatively listen to the words that users say and quantitatively look at behavior that they take.