Mark Zuckerberg Is Excited About Google Glass

Posted Feb 23, 2013

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is excited about Google Glass.  This past Wednesday, Zuckerberg met with Google co-founder Sergey Brin.  The two are working with each other on the Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences and they met at the University of California-San Francisco Genentech Hall during a meeting with the press about it.  The two informally discussed business around the Google Glass product in the corner of the hall.  After talking to the media, Zuckerberg told Brin “I can’t wait to get my own.”  Brin adjusted his own pair over Zuckerberg’s head at the meeting.

Zuckerberg even indicated that Facebook is ready to develop for Google Glass.  Facebook has a team of three engineers (led by a former Google employee) waiting for the Google Glass product to be shipped to them so that they can start building applications.  Zuckerberg tried to voice commands by saying “OK Glass” a few times.

?How do you look out from this without looking awkward?? asked Zuckerberg. ?You know, how are you supposed to use these this without breaking eye contact??  Shortly after that, he asked if you can get indoor directions.  Brin replied that “there’s no way to specify destination indoors.”

Google Glass is not available to the public yet.  The company is only offering Google Glass to individuals that submit a request for them in the form of a 50-word essay contest on Google+ or a 140-character statement on Twitter.   The most compelling entries will be select by Google.  Google Glass projects a small rectangular screen in the top right area of the user’s right eye.  The screen can show traffic maps, a web browser, and a video recorder.  At the event, Brin’s Google Glass had photos and videos of his wife along with other speakers from the Breakthrough Prize press conference.

Zuckerberg did not have an application in mind that he wanted to create for Google Glass.  But he asked Brin ?Is there anything specific you want us to be trying? If so, I want to be doing that.?  He also asked if it was possible to send data from Google Glass without going through Google’s servers.  Brin said that this would not be currently possible.