Mark Zuckerberg Meets Jesse Eisenberg For The First Time On SNL [VIDEO]

Posted Jan 30, 2011

Last night Jesse Eisenberg was hosting Saturday Night Live. While he was giving his monologue intro, Andy Samberg popped in as he was dressed just like Mark Zuckerberg. Then the real Mark Zuckerberg decided to show up too. Check out the video and dialogue below:

Jesse Eisenberg: So?
Mark Zuckerberg: So?
Jesse Eisenberg: Yeah? yeah? thats good? I really liked you on 60 Minutes.
Mark Zuckerberg: Thanks man. Thanks.
Jesse Eisenberg: Did you ever end up seeing the film The Social Network?
Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah? yeah I did.
Jesse Eisenberg: And what did you think?
Mark Zuckerberg: It was interesting?
Jesse Eisenberg: “Interesting,” you know what? I’ll take it. Thank you. Great.