Mark Zuckerberg Owns Roughly One-Third Of Facebook Now

Posted Feb 14, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, now owns 30% of the company that he co-founded.  Zuckerberg owns 632.65 million Facebook shares compared to the 500 million that he held in September.  The company’s IPO was flubbed, but Zuckerberg promised that he would not sell any stock for at least a year.

During the IPO, Zuckerberg sold around 30 million shares at the opening price of $38.  Shares dropped to $17.55 in September, but has it has started picking up again.  The stock price is trading at around $27.91 as of the time I wrote this.

In a recent SEC filing, it shows that Zuckerberg acquired around 18 million shares of the company in mid-December at a price of zero.  That stock purchase was likely tied to his compensation as CEO of the company.

[Source: AFP via BI]