Mark Zuckerberg was irritated by a question about buying Snapchat

Posted Feb 24, 2014

At Mobile World Congress, someone asked Mark Zuckerberg about whether Facebook was going to buy Snapchat. “Will you make another bid for Snapchat?” asked someone in the audience.

Zuckerberg looked away from the person asking the question. The interviewer asked him for an answer.

He said “No” and did not look interested in saying more. Eventually he said:

“Look, after buying a company for $16 billion, you’re probably done for a while.” This was in reference to Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp.

Here is a photo of his reaction:

Zuckerberg's reaction to the "Will you bid on SnapChat again?" question: PRICELESS. #MWC14

— TechRadar (@techradar) February 24, 2014

[Source: BI]