Martin Cooper Made The First Cellphone Call 40 Years Ago Today

Posted Apr 3, 2013

Exactly forty years ago, former Motorola vice president and division manager Martin Cooper (pictured below) made the first cellphone call.  The call in 1973 was made on Motorola’s DynaTAC phone while standing in front of the New York Hilton on Sixth Avenue.  The first call he made was to the head of research at Bell Labs, whom was also working on building the first cellphone.

The progress that was made at Motorola revolutionized the telecommunications industry.  Cooper helped solve one of the largest communication limitations that people all over the world dealt with.  Today there are billions of cellphones that are being used across the world.

Motorola’s mobile division is currently owned by Google, a company whose Android mobile operating system dominates the industry.  In 1992, the first commercial text message “LOL”  was sent.  Two years after that, Tetris made it’s way onto a cellphone.