Marvell Technology Ordered To Pay $1.17 Billion To Carnegie Mellon In Patent Lawsuit

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Carnegie Mellon filed a patent lawsuit against Marvell Technology and they have won $1.17 billion as an award.  Marvell’s stock dropped after the verdict was announced.  According to a jury in Pennsylvania, they found that Marvell’s conduct was willful and this will allow U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fisch the right to increase the fine.

The patents in the case have to do with the ability to read high-speed hard disk drives accurately.  The jury revealed that Marvell used patented technology in billions of their products without consenting with Carnegie Mellon.  Carnegie Mellon had reported that Marvell used their patented technology in at least 9 of their inventions.

“We are gratified by the jury?s unanimous verdict. This case deals with fundamental technology for increasing the accuracy with which hard-disk drive circuits read data from high-speed magnetic disks,” stated Carnegie Mellon spokesman Ken Walters in an interview with Bloomberg.