Marvell Now Selling Adapter-Sized Linux PC SheevaPlug For $99

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. is best known for creating the WiFi chip within the iPhone.  Marvell has now innovated a way to build a PC into the size of an adapter.  The SheevaPlug dev kit is available for $99 and has it runs of Linux.  Built into the above plug is a 1.2GHz Kirkwood processor, 512MB DRAM, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a USB 2.0 port.  The whole PC plugs into a regular wall socket and uses less than one tenth of a typical PC.  While the SheevaPlug costs about $99 right now, Marvell anticipates this product to drop to $49 in the future.

To buy this product, go to Marvell’s website.

[via Engadget]