Mary Kay Beckman Suing For Getting Stabbed After A Date

Posted Jan 28, 2013

Mary Kay Beckman used to find a date, but things took a turn for the worse as she claimed that she was brutally attacked by a man that she met on the dating website.  Beckman is suing for $10 million because she said the website failed to alert her of the dangers around online matchmaking.  After the assault, she had 10 stab wounds and needed multiple surgeries.  She is seeking compensation for the injuries.

Beckman joined in August 2010.  The dating website matched her with a guy named Wade Ridley.  The two had several online conversations and they had 10 days of dating.  Shortly after that, she decided to end the relationship.

Beckman also claimed that Ridley sent threatening text messages to her for days after the break-up in January 2011.  Beckman said that he hid in her garage with a knife and stabbed and kicked her “several times in the head until she ‘stopped making the gurgling noise.'”  The force that Beckman used was so severe that the knife broke.

Ridley committed suicide in prison in 2012 after being charged with murdering another woman.  Beckman said that misrepresented the idea that the website was safe and consistently led to loving relationships. requires that users may never have been convicted of a felony, but does not conduct criminal background checks on its members.  The website implemented a screening process for sexual offenders after a woman claimed that she was raped through someone she met on said the following:

“What happened to Mary Kay Beckman is horrible but this lawsuit is absurd. The many millions of people who have found love on and other online dating sites know how fulfilling it is. And while that doesn’t make what happened in this case any less awful, this is about a sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal record, not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each other.?

[Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal via Mashable]