Mary Meeker Talks About Annual Internet Trends Report At AllThingsD

Posted May 30, 2012

Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist Mary Meeker hit the stage for the AllThingsD conference and she gave a presentation that was related to her “Annual Internet Trends Report.” Meeker talked about the Facebook IPO, mobile growth, and transition ad models. I have embedded her presentation at the bottom of this news article.

Meeker said that emerging markets and mobile are driving growth on the Internet. Internet use on the desktop is being surpassed by mobile usage. However mobile ad rates are 5 times lower than desktop rates.

“There’s a transition going on right now… but it may take a little bit of time for mobile to get monetized as highly as desktops,” saod Meeker. However she believes that it will not take five years like it did with the desktop Internet. It is more likely that it will take 12 months.

Meeker also said that Americans should be proud that they have reclaimed leadership in mobile operating systems. She said “I’d sort of given up” five years ago when U.S. companies only had a 5% market share. Now Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone control 64% of the total market.

When asked about her opinion on the Facebook IPO, she said right now “it’s precarious to buy or sell or do anything.” She believes that it is best to wait until Facebook’s stock settles out, but she is confident in their long-term prospects.

“This is a great company and it will do very well over time,” said Meeker.

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