Masami Yamamoto: Fujitsu “Very Actively” Looking For Acquisitions

Posted Aug 24, 2010

Masami Yamamoto, the President of Fujitsu Ltd. said that the company is “very actively” seeking acquisitions in order to enhance their global growth. ?Targets will be companies that have technologies that Fujitsu doesn?t have or that have customers that Fujitsu has never been able to reach so far,? said Yamamoto in a translated interview in New York. ?We would like to get engaged very actively in M&A activities.?

Yamamoto became the President of Fujitsu in April. The company is looking at cloud and middleware companies for acquisitions and partnerships. Fujitsu has been working less on hardware and more in the services industry.

This past July, Fujitsu announced a partnership with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). Microsoft allowed Fujitsu to sell applications that run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.