MasterObjects Files Lawsuit Against Over Instant Search Patent [UPDATED]

Posted Mar 10, 2011

MasterObjects is a company that creates AJAX and Flash software that provides instant search results and suggestions for people surfing the web. They own patent #7,752,326 called ?System and method for utilizing asynchronous client server communication objects.? Now they are suing for providing search suggestions as users type in product keywords.

What makes this case interesting is that MasterObjects singled out from several popular companies that provide search suggestions. Google Instant, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and the Apple App Store also has search suggestions.

Update: It turns out that MasterObjects has filed a lawsuit against Google too

Below is a summary of the patent:

A session-based client-server asynchronous information search and retrieval system for sending character-by-character or multi-character strings of data to an intelligent server, that can be configured to immediately analyze the lengthening string and return to the client increasingly appropriate search information.

Embodiments include integration within an Internet, web or other online environment, including applications for use in interactive database searching, data entry, online searching, online purchasing, music purchasing, people-searching, and other applications. In some implementations the system may be used to provide dynamically focused suggestions, auto-completed text, or other input-related assistance, to the user.