Is Getting Sued For $1.5 Billion By A Model

Posted Nov 25, 2013

InterActiveCorp (IAC) subsidiary is one of the largest dating websites on the Internet with around 2.8 million paying subscribers. is getting sued for $1.5 billion by Miami-based model Yuliana Avalos (pictured above).  Why is she suing

She claims that allegedly allowed over 200 fake profiles to use her photos, according to The New York Post.

Avalos and a group of other plaintiffs said that these photos led to a tragedy for one user named Al Circelli.  Apparently a 70-year-old Yonkers, New York resident was fooled by a fake profile that used Avalos’ modeling photos.  The fake user, named “Aisha,” told Circelli that she needed him to send her money to Ghana.

“The woman who he thought he was talking to was begging him for money and he finally went broke,” stated Avalos in an interview with The Daily News.  “He had to borrow money from his son. He went bankrupt. He lost everything. He was so ashamed that he killed himself.?

Avalos’ lawyer said that the phony accounts are preventable with the right software.  The plaintiffs are seeking a court to have monitor international IP addresses to prevent international users from creating domestic accounts.

“The real scam here is this meritless lawsuit, which is filled with outlandish conspiracy theories and clumsy fabrications in lieu of factual or legal basis. We?re confident that our legal system is as adept as we are at detecting scammers and will dismiss this case in short order,? stated a representative in an interview with The Huffington Post.