Matthias Wandel Invents Jenga Pistol

Posted Mar 18, 2009

Jenga is one of Hasbro’s most popular games.  You build a tower of blocks and each player takes turn removing one block from the tower.  While this is a great game to play at parties, it can sometimes be a little too unexciting.  That is until Matthias Wandel invented a Jenga pistol that shoots a block out using a rubberband as displayed in the image above.

The pistol hurls a wooden bolt forward inside the pistol powered by rubber bands.  That is enough forward momentum to bold the Jenga block out in frontof the gun without causing the stack to collapse.  Its too bad that the Jenga pistol isn’t up for sale.  I would have loved to whip this thing out whenever someone challenged me to a game.

[via Woodgears/Neatorama]