McColo Corp. Gets Shut Down For Sending 75% Of E-mail Spam

Posted Nov 12, 2008

McColo Corporation is a web hosting service company whose clients were mostly cyber-criminal spam gangs and they have been officially knocked offline.  Supposedly McColo was responsible for 75% of the junk e-mail that is sent out each day.

Security Fix, a subsidiary of The Washington Post contacted the Internet providers of McColo to inform them about the amounts of spam that were being sent.  Global Crossing informed Security Fix that they fully comply with law enforcement.  Hurricane Electric, a major Internet provider for McColo stated that they shut them down.

“We looked into it a bit, saw the size and scope of the problem you were reporting and said ‘Holy cow! Within the hour we had terminated all of our connections to them,” stated Benny Ng of Hurricane Electric.

Since McColo shut down, a large number of spam e-mail messages have been stopped.  Nilesh Bhandari, product manager at IronPort reported that on normal days 190 billion spam e-mails are sent out.  Today 112 billion were sent out.