McGraw-Hill Buys 20% Of Area9

Posted Jan 28, 2013

McGraw-Hill Education has acquired 20% of Area9, a Denmark based adaptive learning company.  The terms of the deal were undisclosed.  McGraw-Hill and Area9 have been working together since 2007 to build products for delivering personalized learning experiences.  Area9’s adaptive technology continually assesses students’ knowledge and skill levels to determine where they need the most improvement.

?At McGraw-Hill Education, we have a passion for teaching and learning, and we believe that delivering personalized experiences through adaptive technology is a key ingredient to teaching and learning success,? stated McGraw-Hill Higher Education president Brian Kibby. ?Through our investment in Area9, we?re working to create more deeply integrated teaching and learning experiences that we  see as a central element in the future of education.?

The two companies created the McGraw-Hill LearnSmart software, which became a leading adaptive study tool in higher education.  The number of products built on LearnSmart expanded recently.  Area9 was founded by Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen in 2006.

[Source: PEHub]