Mediafed Acquires Taptu

Posted Sep 20, 2012

Mediafed is an RSS monetization network that has acquired a news reading platform company called Taptu for an undisclosed amount.  Taptu started off as a mobile search company and they have also built mobile apps for letting users search for content.

Taptu is known for running a mobile version of Wikipedia called Wapedia, which has been downloaded over 4 million times.

Now Taptu is planning to monetize its activities platform by using Mediafed’s RSS ad network, which has around 125 million users and 1,200 premium publishers like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Le Monde.

?Our acquisition of Taptu will create the first global platform to monetize RSS across all digital devices. This is the future of publishing and we are elated to gain the incredible Taptu product, technology, team and committed user base in this quest,? stated Mediafed CEO Ashley Harrison.

Taptu will be keeping their existing offering and is implementing new features into their apps.