MediaFire is offering 50GB storage for free

Posted Jan 5, 2014
There are several players in the file storage market. Some of the most well known players are Microsoft (SkyDrive), Apple (iCloud), Google (Drive), Dropbox, and Box. However, there is another company that is offering a major incentive to use their services. MediaFire has launched a new application that makes it easier to store files in the cloud called MediaFire Desktop.
MediaFire is now offering 50GB of free cloud storage. Dropbox offers only 2GB of free space, but you can get bumped up to as high as 16GB through referrals.
Some of the features built into MediaFire Desktop includes automatic file sync, social sharing, an activity feed, and screenshot capturing. MediaFire is offering automatic audio and video transcoding and streaming support for over 200 file formats.
[Source: TNW]