File Hosting Company MediaFire Launches MediaFire Desktop

Posted Nov 22, 2013

MediaFire is a file hosting service that has launched an application that works similar to the one Dropbox created.  The application, known as MediaFire Desktop, has been launched for OS X and Windows.  The software lets users upload files directly from their desktop to the cloud and can be shared with other people.

MediaFire allows users to utilize 50GB of free cloud storage.  Dropbox starts you off with only 2GB, but lets you hit up to 16GB based on how many people you refer to the service.

Some of the features built into MediaFire Desktop includes

– Automatic File Sync – automatically updates files to the cloud

– Social Features – Social networks that are supported with MediaFire Desktop includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Blogger.

– Activity Feed – This features shows you all of your activity on MediaFire, including updates made to files by other users.

– File Version Tracking – You can organize files by date, edit history, and type.  There is also an automatic duplicate removal feature.