Medium Acquires Science and Technology Journalism Company MATTER

Posted Apr 18, 2013

Medium is a content creation company that was launched by Evan Williams and Biz Stone.  Stone and Williams are also known for co-founding Twitter with Jack Dorsey.  Medium has acquired MATTER, a science and technology journalism company that was founded by Bobbie Johnson.  Johnson is a former Guardian technology correspondent and writer at GigaOM. MATTER is Medium’s first acquisition.

MATTER started off by raising funding on crowdfunding platform  Matter ended up raising $140,000 from 2,566 backers.  Evan Williams was one of the backers. The idea for MATTER is that they would publish long form journalism articles at over 5,000 words. Then they would sell them on subscription for $0.99 per month.

An example of what MATTER created was a section on Medium called Oakland Stories.

Medium will continue to run independently after the acquisition is completed.  However Bobbie Johnson and the other Matter co-founder Jim Giles will join Medium’s editorial team.

“One of the things that made it easy to join Medium was the knowledge that the company believes in great storytelling as much as we do, and is prepared to support what we do,” said Matter on the company blog.  “But we will be rolling out some changes in the coming months. We?ve already started using Medium to expand on the ideas we cover ? see, for example, Amputees & Wannabes, the recent series of commentaries around our launch story, Do No Harm. We?ll also be introducing some exciting changes at the MATTER website; changes that will make the site better for readers, and improve our mechanism for supporting long-form writing.”