Me.dium Launches First Crowd-Powered Search Engine, Me.dium Social Search

Posted Jul 10, 2008

Yesterday I spoke with David Mandell about Me.dium Social Search.  Mandell is the founder of Me.dium and the service sounds very exciting.  Me.dium Social Search is the first crowd-powered search engine.  Most traditional search engines rely on algorithms, but this is the first time that a crowd determines the relevance of search engine results.

Me.dium’s first product, the Me.dium Sidebar has been downloaded over 2 million times and receives about 500,000 uniques per month.  Me.dium users are sharing over 20 million URLs per day and the company is able to harness this information to power a search engine with solid results.

?Me.dium?s Social Search gives you a new and unique layer of information that was never available before,? stated Kimbal Musk, the CEO of Me.dium. ?Using the activity of our community and our real time technology platform, users see search results ranked by what the crowds are surfing right now.?

What makes this search engine revolutionary is that importance of URLs are determined in real-time.  When an explicit action happens, then the importance of a link is increase.  For example, if a YouTube video of Barack Obama is gaining in popularity, it will start rising to the top of the search because others are looking at the video at the same time.

Me.dium Social Search complements the Social Tool Bar.  Below are a couple of screen shots of the search engine in action:

Muhammad Saleem, a guest author on ReadWriteWeb, a top Digg user, and an employee of Advantage Consulting Services wrote a post not too long ago about why social news sites must implement social search.

“Social search is the future. And socially driven content sites – with their massive indexes of websites, huge communities and decent social networking features, and ample information on user habits and preferences (based on past behavior) – are in the best position to take the lead,” wrote Saleem on ReadWriteWeb.  “Ultimately, imagine a combination of Digg, Google, Facebook, and Techmeme. To the minute, timely content, large index and approximately 20,000 or more new submissions indexed per day (this works fine for a smaller, Mahalo-level search engine), the best content is promoted to the top by an active community of millions of networked users, and conversation-mapping based on content promotion, comments, and search habits on the site.”

This is exactly what Me.dium Social Search is doing and it’s going to be big.  If you have any questions about Me.dium, leave a comment and I’ll route the question to Mr. Mandell.

The alpha version of the site is available at