Researchers at Harvard and CalTech Develop Bioengineered Jellyfish

Posted Jul 23, 2012

Researchers at Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology have created a bioengineered jellyfish that has the ability to swim.  The jellyfish was created using a mix of silicone and rat heart cells.

The jellyfish is not actually a living organism, but it has the ability to possibly harvest cells from one organize and then reorganize them using bioengineering for humans.  This could be used potentially for heart repair like acting as a heart pacemaker, which would not require battery power.

The artificial jellyfish is a membrane with eight arm-like appendages that have muscle cells obtained from a rat heart.  This bioengineered jellyfish is being called “Medusoid.”  The research team is hoping to design an artificial jellyfish that is capable of gathering food on its own in the future, but Medusoid is unable to gather its own food.

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