Meebo Hires Carter Brokaw As Chief Revenue Officer; Seeking Additional Funding

Posted Apr 10, 2008

“Meebo is a highly-promising company with an incredible team and defendable technology,” stated Carter Brokaw, the Chief Revenue Officer of Meebo. “From a monetization perspective, Iâ??m looking forward to helping leverage Meeboâ??s core strength by bringing brands into the conversation in ways that are engaging, integrated and measurable.”

Meebo announced today that they have hired Carter Brokaw, a former CNET and Warner Music executive.  Meebo will also be rolling out an advertising system.  Users will be respond positively or negatively to the types of ads that they are shown according to Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb.

Montgomery & Co. is currently working with Meebo to raise additional funding as well.  Rumor has it that Meebo is looking for $250 million.  Meebo currently has a bubble ad platform where advertisers where they can set background skins, distribute buddy icons, and embed video ads.

Soldiers in Iraq, librarians, teachers, and retailers all use Meebo.  Meebo has over 30 million users and the chat client is available in about 53 languages.

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