Meet The One BlackBerry Retail Store In North America

Posted Apr 17, 2012

On Orchard Lake Rd., one of the busiest roads connecting Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield, Michigan sits a stand-alone BlackBerry store. This store has been open for 5 years. “The store has two full-time employees and is stocked with accessories. For new customers, there is a BlackBerry training room in the back of the store with a whiteboard and a conference table. A television set in the corner, plugged into a PlayBook tablet, displayed a roaring fireplace,” wrote Will Connors of The Wall Street Journal. The BlackBerry retail store is run by Wireless Giant, who pitched RIM on the concept of opening up 100 retail stores. RIM was hit hard by ruthless competition and the global economy as a whole so they ended up just keeping this one retail store. Even though RIM is not as popular as Android and iOS in North America, they are still doing well abroad. This is why the next BlackBerry retail store will be opened up in Dubai and there are four operating in Jakarta, Indonesia.