Meet The Gypsies [VIDEO]

Posted Nov 26, 2010

As many people are browsing (NASDAQ:AMZN) for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you may wonder how do all these goods keep moving at such a low cost. Meet the Gypsies. In Campbellsville, Kentucky a high number of migrant workers took a job at a distribution center. They arrived in RVs and Winnebagos in search for money and a job. Retireers and unemployed workers are given $10 per hour to fill orders at the warehouse. They are also given a free place to park and plug in their vehicles. However the work ends on Christmas Eve. The migrant workers pack up and leave after that.

“We are among the economic refugees. We are lucky to earn enough to get our laundry done and eat macaroni and cheese,? said 52-year old April McFail in an interview with Courier Journal, whose husband is working at’s warehouse after losing his job at Dow Chemical in Michigan. ?I think it says America needs something different. This is supposed to be freedom and a good life. Now it is a sad note.? employs about 3,000 temporary staff members that covers three shifts. To take over the new warehouse in Kentucky, was given $20 million in state tax incentives. Fruit of the Loom was the last tenant.

To pay for the RV lot, ays the lot $18 per night for each site that is occupied by these workers. After Fruit of the Loom exited from Campbellsville, unemployment surpassed 28% in the city around the fall of 1998. also provided tour buses to bring people from Louisville and Lexington. They were also given box dinners as they were being sent home.

Check out the video below:

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