HP CEO Meg Whitman: “Desktop PCs aren’t dead.”

Posted Dec 12, 2013

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman is still very confident in the desktop PC market. Whitman was interviewed by CNBC on Wednesday morning where she talked about HP’s tablet, desktop, and notebook strategy. She also mentioned that their enterprise business has a strong line-up.

“We can go all the way from virtual desktop to workstations to desktops… by the way, desktops are not dead… to laptops to hybrids to tablets for the commercial enterprise,” stated Whitman in the interview.

Hewlett Packard is the second largest worldwide PC company based on third quarter numbers. HP shipped 13 million desktops and notebooks for the quarter.

I agree with Whitman when she says that PCs are not dead, but the market is in a steady decline right now. PC prices have been consistently dropping and figures that were published in early December say that the PC market will decline by 10.1%.

[Source: ZDNet]