Meg Whitman: “It’s Not Obvious Exactly What To Do Here” In Regards To WebOS

Posted Nov 8, 2011

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) CEO Meg Whitman addressed concerns that Palm and HP employees about what to do with webOS. “It’s really important to me to make the right decision, not the fast decision,” said Whitman at a meeting on the HP campus. A decision is expected to be made in 3-4 weeks.

“If HP decides [to keep webOS], we’re going to do it in a very significant way over a multi-year period,” adding Whitman. “It’s a very expensive proposition, but HP can make that bet.”

Whitman said that she did not make a decision about WebOS yet because she first had to figure out what to do with HP’s PC business. Whitman also has to manage the acquisition of Autonomy. Whitman said that she understands that not having a final decision on webOS is “unsatisfying,” but the “economics of this business are tough.”