Mega Is Already Hosting Around 50 Million Files

Posted Feb 1, 2013

Mega is a new cloud storage service, founded by Kim Dotcom, that is already hosting around 50 million files. Dotcom is known as the guy that started Megaupload and was taken down by several federal agencies. Dotcom is back and he is going legit this time. He said that only 0.001% of the files hosted on Mega infringe copyright.

Dotcom launched Mega less than two weeks ago. ?MASSIVE non-infringing use!? said Dotcom on Twitter. He is currently seeing about 50 content take-downs per day. Google gets around 450,000 take-down notices per day, but that is not really a fair comparison since Google publicly indexes everything and they operate on a much bigger scale than Mega does.

Mega provides users with 50GB of storage space for free. Mega launched at a large party at Dotcom’s mansion and they hit 100,000 registered users after an hour of launching. The service hit 1 million sign-ups on it’s first day too.

It is unknown what will happen to Dotcom legally in the next few months. He has an extradition trial set for March. He was arrested in January 2012 and the files that were uploaded to Megaupload were no longer accessible to users. Dotcom said that he is working on having a way for Megaupload users transfer files over to Mega.

[Source: TNW]