Mega App Now Available On Android

Posted Jul 6, 2013

Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz is known for being arrested for the website  Many of his assets were seized, but that did not stop him from creating a new company called Mega immediately after.  Mega is now a widely used file storage service.  The company has announced this past week that they now have an Android app available on Google Play.  Mega will soon be launching iOS and Windows Phone apps as well.

The Mega Android app lets users upload and download files.  Mega also supports the ability to sync the camera with the service so that videos and photos that are taken can be automatically uploaded.  The Mega app has image thumbnails and the ability to export and send folders and file links.  The Mega app has a search function and the ability to move around/rename/delete files.

Mega users have access to 50GB of free stored data.  The files are fully encrypted and the user retains the keys to decrypt the files.  Mega has servers in New Zealand and Europe.  Every file that is uploaded to Mega is not stored on just one server.  In case one of the hosting companies goes bankrupt, then the files will be on at least two servers.

To create a Mega account, visit