Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is offering $5 million to whistleblowers

Posted Jun 9, 2014

According to The Guardian, Megaupload founder Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz is offering $5 million for information that proves ?unlawful or corrupt conduct? by the United States government in his case. Schmitz was arrested and many of his assets were repossessed following a copyright infringement case.


Dotcom is currently facing multiple legal battles after Megaupload was shutdown in January 2012. Schmitz claims that Megaupload was simply a “cloud storage” website. However, it was used for transferring pirated material. Dotcom is a German national and is fighting extradition from New Zealand. If Schmitz is brought to the U.S., he will face one of the largest copyright infringement cases ever. The RIAA and MPAA both filed lawsuits against Dotcom. The Justice Department alleges that Megaupload cost copyright owners over $500 million.

In an interview with TorrentFreak, Dotcom said that the charges against him are the result of a ?corrupt contract prosecution? between the U.S. government and Hollywood. He also said that his takedown was to gain Hollywood’s support for President Obama’s reelection campaign and believes that Joe Biden ordered his arrest.

When describing how the reward will be set up, Dotcom said: ?We will probably setup a trust account to deposit the bounty and provide terms and conditions for anyone who will provide information. I will not just offer a bounty for the piece of ?case winning? information but for anything useful.?

Dotcom suggests that whistleblowers that have appropriate information should work with a reputable newspaper with a track record of handling leaks like The Guardian. Dotcom also said that the leaker should use a public computer or buy a cheap computer to use for leaking the information and then destroying it.