MegaUpload Users Are Demanding The Return Of Seized Content

Posted Apr 1, 2012

MegaUpload has gone offline because of copyright infringement. The founders and executives at the company were raided and a lot of their possessions were taken into custody. However people that used MegaUpload for legal reasons want their data back. Specifically an Ohio man is asking a federal judge to preserve the data of 66.6 million users of MegaUpload.

Kyle Goodwin is being represented to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and they asked U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady to preserve 25 petabytes of data. Goodwin operates a website called OhioSportsNet, which films and streams high school sports events. He stored his videos on MegaUpload. His hard drive crashed a few days before January 19th when MegaUpload was raised.

The MPAA wants the data preserved so that they can sue MegaUpload and other companies that contributed to copyright infringement. The problem is that MegaUpload’s hosting company Carpathia is spending $9,000 per day to retain the data and they are demanding Judge O’Grady to relieve them of this burden. A hearing on the data issue is expected to happen next month.