Melanie Spanopoulos Hits Her Cousin With A Car Twice Over A Facebook Friend Request

Posted Jan 26, 2011

Long Island resident Melanie Spanopoulos hit her cousin Giselle Penagos with a mini-van and tried to drive over her twice. The reason for the feud is because a man rejected Melanie’s Facebook friend request, but he accepted Giselle’s request. Melanie is being charged with assault and was released on a $20,000 bail.

Giselle had to go through emergency surgery for a shattered pelvis and broken leg. An unknown person rescued Giselle and took her to her father’s house in Queens. Melanie and Giselle were driving home from a bar at the time. After Melanie pulled over to focus on arguing, Giselle got out of the vehicle and refused to get back in. Melanie jumped out and started to wrestle with Giselle. Melanie then got back into the minivan and ran over Giselle twice.