Men that went BASE jumping off the World Trade Center were arrested

Posted Mar 25, 2014

There were four men involved in a base jump from The World Trade Center. The four of them will be charged with burglary. Three men took part in the jump around six months ago. The fourth person was the lookout.

Last week, a teenager from New Jersey climbed to the top of The World Trade Center. The teenager was arrested for the stunt. He entered the building through a hole in a fence. The four men being charged in the BASE jump are: Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell and Marco Markovich. Other charges may be filed.

The men were caught when the police used search warrants to find footage of the event on a GoPro camera. Rossig and Brady were arrested in December 2012 for trying to jump from a tower in the Bronx. They were caught on the 33rd floor roof by cops at that time. Rossig was arrested in 2008 after he jumped from an Orange County bridge.

[Source: NY Daily News]