, A Research-Sharing Social Network Receives Funding

Posted Aug 20, 2008

Mendeley is a start-up based in London.  The idea for Mendeley came about when the founders discovered that there isn’t an easy way of sharing their collection of research papers while pursuing their PhDs.  This turned into a business opportunity for them. 

The Mendeley desktop software also complements the research-sharing website.  Mendeley Desktop software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The software extracts text from PDF files and integrates it into a user’s profile.  Other users will be able to find specific research papers through the form of search and tags. 

?As the database of Mendeley Web grows, you will be able to view statistics about emerging research topics in every academic discipline, and readership statistics for each individual paper? stated Victor Henning, co-founder of Mendeley. ?Soon we will also include a recommendation engine. Basically, it?s like a for research.?

Stefan Glänzer, a seed investor and executive chairman of was intrigued by the concept.  Stefan Glänzer joined Mendeley as executive chairman and then brought in the founding engineers of Skype to help out with building Mendeley.

?There are plenty of websites that want to become ?the Facebook for researchers?? stated Eileen Broch, an investment director at Ambient Sound Investments (ASI).  ?Mendeley, however, is not just another social network. It?s a truly valuable integration of software and web technologies that solves some of researchers? day-to-day problems ? which is why we decided to invest.?

ASI is the investment group that was created by the four founding engineerings at Skype.

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