The Mercedes-Benz S550 Has Custom Scents And Hot-Stone Massages

Posted Oct 17, 2013

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 will arrived in showrooms earlier this week and two of the features that stand out are custom scents and various massage settings.  The new S550 has a base price of $92,000.

Custom Scents

When buy a car, the new car smell is distinct.  If you do not like the smell, the S550 will let you activate a scent-control system to release a perfume in the interior.  The custom scents are known as Sports Mood, Nightlife Mood, Downtown Mood, and Freeside Mood.  When you buy the car, you are given an empty vial for you to fill with your own favorite scent also.


The S550 has optional massage chairs for the driver and passenger.  One of the settings for the massage chair is that it can simulate a hot-stone massage.  There are 6 massage styles available total.  The S550 has fourteen different air chambers within the seats that can inflate and deflate to simulate the massage styles.  You can activate the massage and customize the simulations through the touchscreen display in the vehicle.  For a higher price, the S550 can include massages for the rear passenger seats as part of the “Executive” package.

Brake Control / Adaptive Cruise Control

Two of the new high tech features in the S550 are brake control and adaptive cruise control.  The S550 can brake automatically at an intersection to avoid a side collision.  The S550 also has adaptive cruise control to maintain your speed.  It can fully brake at city speeds below 31MPH if it detects an object or person in the road.

[Source: TechHive]