MessageMe Raises $1.9 Million And Is Sending 500 Notifications Per Second

Posted Mar 19, 2013

MessageMe is a multimedia app that has hit 1 million users that is sending around 500 notifications per second.  The company has also raised $1.9 million in funding from True Ventures, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, SVAngel,, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, and Social+Capital Partnership.  MessageMe lets their users send videos (YouTube), music (iTunes) and doodles to each other to distinguish themselves from apps like Facebook and Apple iMessage.

MessageMe has been used to send around 10 million doodles and 4 million iTunes songs so far.  MessageMe CEO Arjun Sethi used to run a social gaming company called LOLApps, which merged with 6Waves.

Interestingly, Facebook decided to shut down MessageMe’s access to the social graph last week.  Facebook cited a platform policy where they said that apps cannot replicate the core functionality of the Facebook product if they want to access the “Find Friends” feature.