Metaio Launches Augmented Reality App For Audi Manual

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Metaio has designed an app that lets you use your phone as a manual for your Audi A1 or Audi A3.  The Metaio design the app using Audi’s newly updated eKurzinfo app.  When you aim the iPhone camera at various parts of your Audi car, the app will show parts in the form of augmented reality. 

It shows relevant information about that specific part of the car.  The app supports over 300 of the parts in the car.  The image recognition and information is grabbed in real time from the cloud so users do not have to download updates to expand on the database.  Constant access to WiFi is required for the app to work. 

The app is currently available on iOS only in the English, German, and Japanese languages.  Metaio is also known for developing Ikea’s 2014 augmented reality catalog.