Michael Arrington Files Lawsuit Against Fusion Garage

Posted Dec 11, 2009

Michael Arrington, the powerhouse blogger and founder of CrunchPad Inc. is suing Fusion Garage. Fusion Garage is basically the company that he believes screwed him over with the development of a touchscreen tablet. Both Fusion Garage was the manufacturer behind the tablet and the device was supposed to be called CrunchPad, a name that Arrington owns the trademark of. Fusion Garage decided to rename the device JooJoo and sell it for $499. Arrington planned to sell the original CrunchPad for $199.

Arrington has filed a lawsuit against Fusion Garage through a company called Interserve Inc. Interserve is doing business as TechCrunch and CrunchPad Inc. Below is the document of the filed lawsuit.

For more details, check out what Arrington has to say about the case on TechCrunch.