Michael Arrington Hits The Ground Running With CrunchPad

Posted Jul 4, 2009

Michael Arrington launched the TechCrunch network about four years ago and now it generates about $6 million in revenue as of last year from advertising, events, and other sources.  This year the company expects to bring in more than that.

Now Arrington is turning his focus into the hardware sector.  He is working on a new device called the CrunchPad and has registered a company called CrunchPad Inc.  The CrunchPad is a touch-screen tablet made for surfing the web and using video chat.

?We?re going to make some really big announcements,? stated Arrington in an interview with the San Francisco Business Times. ?We?re full on. These prototypes are real.?  CrunchPad Inc. now has 14 employees in Singapore.

Angel Investor Ron Conway said that Arrington ?understands the inner workings of Silicon Valley, and because he?s been around the valley so long, people trust him and trust his judgment.?  Conway himself is considering to invest in CrunchPad.