Michael Arrington’s Crunchpad Rumored To Be For Sale Starting This November

Posted Aug 1, 2009

Crunchpad is an uncoming tablet device that was rolled out of a project by technology blog TechCrunch.com.  It turns out that the details of his project have been leaked by the Straits Times in Singapore.  Arrington was not very happy about the leak as he wrote the following message on Twitter:

re crunchpad, obviously i’m completely rips**t mad about all this unauthorized bs press: http://bit.ly/2dVjBQ wtf.

The news story by the Straits Times reports that the Crunchpad will be available starting this November, but Arrington denies it and calls the Strait Times b.s.  I think that the news story sounds credible because the paper actually met with Fusion Garage, the company behind the Crunchpad production.

The device is expected to retail for $400.  Some of the features include WiFi, 3G access (meaning TechCrunch needs to sign a telecomm deal), custom OS based on Webkit, and one USB port.  The applications on the tablet will be web-based.  Rumor has it that the measurements are 13×8 inches and weight is 2.6 lbs.

More details as they become available.