Michigan-Based Text Ripple Uses Interesting Ways To Market Services Using Mobile Devices

Posted May 15, 2010

Recently I sat down with Text Ripple representatives Darick Hansel and Hans Hegge at their office in Auburn Hills, Michigan to learn more about what the company does. Text Ripple is a service that was founded in 2006 and launched in 2007. The company specializes in mobile marketing and text message communication.

Text Ripple works with all types of businesses including SMBs, single-location, and franchises. An example that Hans gave me was that realtors could use the service to send text messages with content about real estate.

Imagine this scenario: I’m looking at a house that I’m interested in buying. I notice a sign that says, send a text message with a code number that is listed to 411NOW (411669). After sending a code to that number, I receive a link that contains the specifications about that particular house such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, along with interior and exterior photos. Now I could go home and show my significant other what the place looks like without them even having to be there. This is one of the capabilities that Text Ripple has.

Text Ripple has the ability to track the phone numbers that have sent a text message to these numbers also. So if the price changes on that house, the owner could notify me about the change.
This technology already provides mobile coupons for bars and restaurants.

Many establishments have their Twitter or Facebook account listed on a sign in their place of business, but that requires too many steps to interact with customers. Text messages are a nice bridge for people to cross over in order for people to engage with other forms of marketing.

Text Ripple is big on customer service. Instead of signing up as many customers as possible that do not know how to utilize the technology, the sales staff at Text Ripple helps customers plan effective marketing campaigns. Text Ripple also ensures that there are limits on the number of text messages are sent to customers to make sure that people do not feel spammed. These limits have paid off because customers report 35-50% conversion rates.

I was impressed when Darick and Hans gave me a demo of their product and I highly recommend using this service in order to interact with customers. Mobile devices are the future of marketing and Text Ripple is at the forefront of it all.