Michigan Governor Signs Law That Makes It Illegal For Schools and Employees To Ask For Social Media Logins

Posted Dec 30, 2012

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law on Friday that prohibits employers from asking for the Facebook and Twitter logins from their workers.  House Bill No. 5523 is “An act to prohibit employers and educational institutions from requiring certain individuals to grant access to, allow observation of, or disclose information that allows access to or observation of personal internet accounts; to prohibit employers and educational institutions from taking certain actions for failure to allow access to, observation of, or disclosure of information that allows access to personal internet accounts; and to provide sanctions and remedies.”

?Cyber security is important to the reinvention of Michigan, and protecting the private internet accounts of residents is a part of that,? stated Snyder in a press release. ?Potential employees and students should be judged on their skills and abilities, not private online activity.?

Universities and schools may not fail to admit students or discipline them based on similar information either.  However companies and educational institutions will be able to request e-mail accounts owned by them.  This bill originated from events that took place this past March when an employer asked workers for their social media login details.

The bill was introduced by Michigan State House Rep. Aric Nesbitt and he worked with different groups on the law.  Michigan State University specifically wanted language that said that the university owns the @msu.edu e-mail addresses.  Some businesses also wanted language that companies are prohibited from having social media accounts.

[Source: MLive]