Michigan Kid Gets In Trouble For Modding Camera Into Stun Gun

Posted May 15, 2009

Above is a video from a year ago from the Associated Press that discusses how a 14 year old in Connecticut made a stun gun using a disposable camera. Earlier this week an 18 year old boy in Michigan at the Dakota High School in Macomb Township did the same thing and even zapped willing friends with it as a joke.

“They thought it was a prank,” stated Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel. “We want to warn kids that this isn’t funny and warn parents that they need to keep a watch on what their kids are doing on the Internet.”

The teenager may face felony and misdemeanor charges because of the incident. One of the students had already been suspended. The modified camera had black electrical tape around the body and two small metal prongs which emitted the shock. Other than that, it is difficult to tell whether the camera had been modded or not.

The jolt felt from the stun gun made out of a camera is less powerful than what the police have but could still cause damage to someone with a pre-existing medical condition.

[via Freep.com]