Michigan Man Reports Being Robbed On Facebook, Not To The Police

Posted May 18, 2009

Clare, Michigan is a small city that is about 85 miles north of Lansing and about 161 miles from Detroit.  A man in Clare was robbed at gunpoint of $10 as part of a gang initiation when he was at a bar.  Instead of telling the police that he was at a bar, he felt more comfortable telling his Facebook friends.  This was because of the man was worried about his  professional reputation.

A third party reported it to the police so they found out anyway.  Police contacted the victim and heard a tip that led to the arrest of the suspects last week.  The two suspects were Aron Davenport (19), Jason Wiers (17), and a 16 year old male.

“From our investigation we have every reason to believe that this gang was looking to get established here,” stated Police Chief Dwayne Miedzianowski.  The police caught one of the suspects during a traffic stop and the other suspects in various parts of the city.

Moral of the story: if you get robbed tell the police, not a social network.

[via MLive.com]