Michigan Resident Richard Leon Barton Jr. Arrested For Polygamy With Facebook Photos As Evidence

Posted Mar 21, 2011

Michigan police have arrested Richard Leon Barton Jr., 34, for polygamy. Police used wedding photos on Facebook as evidence for the polygamy charges. The man had unfriended his first wife on Facebook before marrying his second wife, but what he did was still illegal.

In 2004, Barton married a Rhode Island woman, who he met online about one year earlier. He decided to ditch his new bride and did not show up home from work one day. He removed his first wife as a friend on Facebook. Before he disappeared, he told his first wife he wanted to get a divorce. But none of them filed the divorce paperwork.

Barton’s first wife decided to stalk him on Facebook through the profiles os his friends and family members and discovered he had a second wedding in July 2010. She called the police and Barton was arrested.

Barton had originally disappeared because he was arrested for violating his parole. In 2000, Barton was convicted of home invasion and for uttering and publishing in 2001. He violated parole by leaving Rhode Island. He was released in October 2009 and moved to Grand Rapids where he met his second wife.

Barton was charged for polygamy, an offense that has a maximum penalty of 4 years in the state of Michigan. Since he has a criminal record, he could be in jail for longer.