Microsoft Acquires Caligari Corp. To Enhance Virtual Earth

Posted Feb 8, 2008

Microsoft Corporation announced yesterday that they have acquired Caligari Corporation.  Caligari designed trueSpace, the first 3D tool that has a direct manipulation interface.  trueSpace is used for 3D presentations, design animation, games, and artwork.  Microsoft plans to utilize the tool for Virtual Earth, their geographic interface used for Maps and Driving Directions.

On Microsoft Virtual Earth, there is a 3D feature.  I logged in with Firefox and was asked to install the plugin.  Installing the plugin takes time.  Caligari will be used to enhance the 3D experience.  Below is a screen shot of my apartment building using Virtual Earth:

Caligari Corporation started in 1986.  Roman Ormandy is the founder of the company.  Ormandy’s first job in the U.S. was in a suitcase factory making cases for Apple IIC.  trueSpace 1.0 for Windows was released in 1994.